She has been called both the most powerful mutant on Earth and the most powerful witch in the world.

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. Blackheart.



L. To be clear, all the Eternals seem to be blessed with enhanced strength, durability, reflexes, and fighting skills, to the point. So he is officially the most powerful marvel character.

Thor has two brothers Loki and Balder, as well as a sister named Hela.

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During World War II, Peggy Carter fought side by side with Steve Rogers aka Captain America. As a mutant, he is blessed with many heightened powers and abilities.

Created by artist David Cockrum and writer Chris Claremont, the character first appeared in Ms.


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. Often compared to Superman as a benchmark for the most powerful characters in comics, Ikaris was more powerful than his fellow Eternals.

Billy Connors (character) Black Panther (character) Black Tarantula.
4) Hulk.
4) Hulk.

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Blackheart. . The Marvel Comics universe continues to be one of the most beloved comics outlets for its compelling characters, interesting. . class=" fc-falcon">Category page. Anti-Venom’s symbiote can cure illnesses and diseases, but it can also negate powers in transformed characters like Spider-Man.

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Energy Blasts. .

Combined with his adamantium skeleton, Wolverine has been through the wringer;.

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Mystique ( Raven Darkhölme) [4] is a character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.