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Repository for my PocketMine plugins.

4. 26 Mar 2022 23124/165461 downloads.



2. Get PocketMine-MP; GitHub; Introducing the ultimate. .


The main issue is that it would require a. Name: VanillaXAuthor: xXNiceYTVersion: 1. .

. Extend the game in the way you want using an easy to comprehend plugin API; add awesome features.

com/pmmp/PocketMine-MPYou can learn PHP.


Website credit goes to @remote_vase & @Ad5001. com/pmmp/PocketMine-MPYou can learn PHP.

06 Mar 2022. This plugin attempts to mimic the BuyCraft plugin for bukkit.

Multi-world System.

Plugin Support.

to the pocketmine version before the server was updatet with this plugin? It's very useful if PocketMine did bad updates! (If you answer me an question i can't answer you because forums.

- Create signs with custom {placeholders} simply by typing them on the sign. Read more. pocketmine.

AutoUpdater allows you to update your PocketMine server automatically. 2. gg/xp7U6CWGAdI M Working On Making PocketMine-MP To Spigot, Java. [ About ] - Hello i'm LentoKun from Philippines - Brought some codes and gameplays! [ Description ] - In this Episode, You learn how to make a simple pocke. World Generators.

These plugins can help your server by literally providing a whole new world to play with, shaped and formed to be exactly how you want it to be.

PocketMine Plugins | Poggit Release. .


World Generators.


4 installed to your PATH with YAML extension installled and enabled.